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Title : Play The Happy Wheels For Fun By : tony jaa
There are two ways to win the game. The first one is to take the more and more token points and the second one is to finish the line. There are different levels you have to face in the game. There are various type of the games are available on the internet but it is the best game because of their level and the different characters. When a player plays the happy wheels demo game then, he usually find the interest in this game. Different characters you can see such as a handicap person are place on the wheel chair. Another character is an irresponsible dad, irresponsible mom and many more.
What type of the experience you get?
Most of the people play the game after they play at once. Happy wheels demo is a game of the vehicles and the different path you can see. When you play the game you think that it is simple at the beginning, but it is dangerous game because no one can win in the first attempt. The body of the different character can be break in to the different pieces. The breaking of the limbs are also has a particular experience. Most of the player plays the game not to win but to see the torn pieces of the character. There is the amazing graphics that make a scene of the accident and the lost blood. In the present web gaming world, it is one of the most played games on the internet.
How you can play the Happy wheels game?
It is a game that has lot of fun on the wheels. It is one of the online flash games called the happy wheels. You are required to follow some of the steps. First of all, you have to open the original website because on the other site you can see the Happy wheels demo game. On the original site, you can play the game by set the different option. It is simple to select the different move in the game.
For accelerate, default setting is given as the up arrow in the happy wheels.
Any player can change their setting according to their choice.
By select the option, you can check the control setting.
It is essential to learn the control.
By learn the control; it is easy to play the game.
The left leans left, right leans right, up is for go forward, down is to go downward.
Z is used to eject a character from the vehicle.
Shift and the control key is used to move the arm and the legs of the character while eject from the vehicle.
Each and every character in the game happy wheels is different in their powers also. A wheelchair old character has a power to boost at any situation of the game. It is depend on the player that at what time he uses it. Anyone can play the game happy wheels. You should play the game once for a time.

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